True leaders communicate empathetically,  incorporating their values and principles into their communications

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People seek leadership and guidance during times of stress. Today’s leaders need to have the emotional intelligence to demonstrate vulnerability, address mistakes quickly and be prepared to take bold action.

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Leadership needs a makeover.

Employees, customers and partners alike need to understand a leader’s vision and how this vision celebrates his or her values and focuses on the business and employees. Some of the best leadership right now is about being authentic, empathetic and vulnerable.


According to the latest update of the Edelman Trust Barometer, CEOs rank last in performance when it comes to doing an outstanding job meeting the demands placed on them by the pandemic.
Communicating empathetically is easier said than done without in-person interactions. Leaders without digital presences are behind others that can use this platform to connect with stakeholders.
Gartner research shows that 70 percent of the general population expect companies to take a public position on social issues relevant to their business. Meaning, values and purpose must play a role in communications.
Brene Brown
Dare to Lead

our ability to be daring leaders will never be greater than our capacity for vilnerability 

THE CHALLENGES and Responses

Many companies lack a clear content strategy and many leaders struggle to incorporate values and principles into their messaging. As a result, a company’s communications are flooded with repetitive, disjointed, contradictory, or, at worst, tone-deaf content.
The pace of change has been accelerating for years, and COVID-19 has only exaggerated this trend. For many leaders, technology that was once thought impossible is now imperative.
Without face-to-face communication, many leaders struggle to communicate empathetically, particularly via digital. Even those that do have a digital presence often lack a cohesive message and platform that resonates across stakeholders.
Think about where your audience is, how they consume information and start there to connect and engage partners, customers, employees
- especially using digital platforms. Create a community where people feel safe and secure that works both in-person and virtually.
Deliver consistent, clear messages that resonate and inspire, while mapping to, and acting on, your purpose. Content that doesn’t deliver value or have meaning will not help in the long-term and might actually hurt your business.
Keep track of new technologies that can make activities easier for employees, whether it’s launching an app to help communicate
or investing in collaboration tools to boost productivity.
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