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Providing sales teams with what they need to be successful when traditional sales channels have evaporated.

a challenging job in a challenging time

We believe we are at an inflection point, where sales operations going forward will look fundamentally different from what they were before the pandemic.

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As sales leaders contemplate the post-COVID world, they must prioritize taking care of their people and existing customers.

They also need to adjust how their organizations sell in the face of new customer habits and trying economic times. In many ways, the changes in customer behavior are an acceleration of digital trends that were in motion before the pandemic hit.

enabling sales

Sales enablement impacts win rate
Traditional sales mechanisms like networking at in-person meetings and conferences are being outperformed by tactics like email marketing, webinars, and thought leadership. Hubspot data indicates that email open rates were higher in March than ever before. At the same time, the research showed that sales outreach increased, but responsiveness decreased.
B2C is the new b2b
A 2019 McKinsey survey showed that suppliers who provide outstanding digital experiences to their buyers are more than twice as likely to be chosen as a primary supplier than those who provide poor experiences and about 70 percent more likely than those providing only fair ones.
customers are overwhelmed
Comparing the last 3 weeks of January with
the last 3 weeks of March, global open rates
increased by 21 percent. But clickthrough rates
only increased by 3 percent according to Paved. So
while people are getting more sales pitches, they’re following through on very few of them.
How ABM Can Help B2B Marketers Cope With This New Reality

 DOn't Use Budgets as an exCuse not to innovate. 

THE CHALLENGES and Responses

Many companies lack systems capable of managing digital sales, while those that do have data often lack the technology needed to glean insights from it.
As companies rush to release sales messages, which often lack an empathetic tone in favor of focusing on “business as usual,” many salespeople are struggling to make their message resonate.
With in-person sales channels gone, many organizations find they are not as prepared for virtual sales as their competitors. Additionally, many organizations have cut their sales force and lack resources to acquire new business.
Develop and invest in digital platforms such as social media, email marketing, etc. to replace leads that might come as a result of in-person events. Tap into your own sales force and enable high performers to share best practices with others. This eases the burden of coaching for managers, while increasing the velocity with which the field adopts new ideas.
Leverage mobile, data, marketing automation, video and peer-to-peer networking for just-in- time, remote work and learning. Companies that use modern sales readiness platforms see higher win rates, shorter new hire ramp-up times and improved collaboration within sales and other teams—even in this unstable environment.
Demonstrate to your customers and partners that you are engaged in their struggles and be sensitive to when sales are appropriate. The problems these crises highlight and cause affect huge swaths of the population, if not the world. Recognizing the challenges people are facing and demonstrating action that helps resolve those issues without pushing product until such time that your product can truly benefit people.
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