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Providing sales teams with what they need to be successful when traditional sales channels have evaporated.

a challenging job in a challenging time

We believe we are at an inflection point, where sales operations going forward will look fundamentally different from what they were before the pandemic.

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As sales leaders contemplate the post-COVID world, they must prioritize taking care of their people and existing customers.

We create tailored solutions across the marketing and sales spectrum—whether it’s social media struggles or launching campaigns—our team can help yours. 

closing the deal

HPL has developed a specialized offering designed for companies looking to multiply the power of their sales and marketing forces and navigate complex buyer journeys. Our offerings include:
Developing engaging content and marketing collateral that supports sales goals and campaigns. Creating compelling brand narratives and using storytelling to communicate a consistent brand story.
• Content strategy
• Brand storytelling
• Commercial messaging
• Asset creation
buyer experience
Delivering a great experience to prospective buyers has the biggest impact on whether or not they will buy something from you. An overall buying experience can actually outrank product and price considerations.
• Design & user experience
• Digital platform development
• Account-based experience (ABX)
program management
Helping an organization reach its overarching business goals through coordinated and ongoing strategic initiatives.
• Sales & marketing strategy
• Campaign creation & management
• Account-based marketing
How ABM Can Help B2B Marketers Cope With This New Reality

 DOn't Use Budgets as an   exCuse not to innovate. 

your new sales and marketing function

Ultimately we deliver a sales and marketing infrastructure that’s creative, streamlined and profitable:
sales and marketing alignment
Collaboration between Sales and Marketing departments through tools, workflow, and culture.

Customer Retention
Increased customer retention and loyalty as a result of a deliberate nurturing process and greater brand presence.

Increased Revenue
Top-line revenue driven by smarter prospecting, increased sales, and customer repurchase.

You’ve built your business to be a force. Our job is to make you a force to be reckoned with

Hot Paper Lantern helps you do more with what you have, even if you have a little less. We simplify your processes and find new channels for growth. We make your purpose personal, useful, and meaningful. And we adapt convention to find what works for your business’ new normal.
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